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Oh Dang Farm Photos

I enjoy exploring and taking pictures around our acreage of woods, hills, fields, and animals.  Below are some beautiful or unusual sights that give pause to our daily living here on Oh Dang Farm.  Click on any picture for a larger view.

Part of the deer herd that wanders around the area.
Here are a few of the deer that stay around the area. From time to time there are up to 25 grazing in the field.

Owl on a stick.
Owl on a stick.

Pygmy Goat Doeling - April '09 - registered
Pygmy Goat doeling born in April '09, to be registered. She has a twin... a buckling that is all black.

New Baby Pygmy Goats
Baby Pygmy Goats born in April '09.  Doeling, Buckling, nonregistered

Wooly sheep due in two weeks.
A wooly Babydoll sheep due to lamb.

Our Rooster
Our Rooster.

Well hidden deer in the woods behind our house.
Well hidden deer behind our house.
Rarely do I have time to get the pic before they go.

Yearling sheep wearing hay.
Sheep wearing her hay.  It will probably be her midnight snack or she will be a traveling snack tray for other sheep.

Fully wooled sheep ready to be sheared.
Fully wooled sheep ready to be sheared in late spring heat.

An obstinate  Chicken that does not want to give up her daily egg.

Path in the Woods
Little used path in the woods.

Field Flowers
Pretty white wild flowers in the field.


Goat Whisperer
The Goat Whisperer has a special way with the Pygmy goats on the farm.
They always look up to their leader.

We have some gorgeous sunsets here on the farm.

Chicken Hawk, Back View
Caught red- handed (or red tailed?) with one chicken in beak.

Chicken Hawk, front view, wings spread
This "Chicken" Hawk was found in the chicken pen one late afternoon taking his meal to go. 
The chicken pen is opened most mornings to let the chickens free range during the day