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Creep Feeder for Lambs and Kids

This is one of those things during our first season of lambing that we didn't think of or know to prepare before the lambs arrived.  Apparently, Momma ewes will not stand back to let their sweet little babies eat feed.  So, a creep feeder was necessary asap and a small 4'Wx4'Hx6'L dog pen was close by doing nothing along with a large pallet with a solid side.  We wired some old chick feeders to the chainlink from inside the pen and cut a piece of heavy wire panel to fit in the door of the pen. 

Then, cut out an area in the wire panel door that was big enough for the lambs, but, too small for their mommas to enter.  After adding a suitable water container, we filled the feeders and they managed to find their way in and out.

It has worked out very well to allow the lambs to begin eating on their own, and the pen can be easily moved.

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Works Great!

The lambs learn very quickly where the food is and move in and out easily until thCreep Feeder for Lambs and Goat Kidsey become to wide at a couple of months.  A larger entrance can be made, but, may allow some smaller ewes to enter.  Creep Feeder for Lambs and Goat KidsNo, that isn't an odd looking mama ewe's behind that is too big to go through the creep feeder opening.  That's a very pregnant Pygmy goat that just cannot get her fill of food right now.

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