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Our Way of Farming...

Hay Bales in Green Field Farming on Oh Dang Farm is not the nostalgic country living from days of old. These fields of green we view each day replaced the childhood memories of what had been acres of gray shale mounds and deep, steep sided channels of water left behind from strip mining for coal more than sixty years ago.

To the east of what is now twenty year old reclaimed fields is a hardwood forested "mountain"  traveled by early Americans and overlooks a river valley. A great place to raise a family in the 80's and 90's and for finding lost items from travelers of old as well as an arrowhead from time to time.

Multiple wifi and trail cameras placed around the farm help to keep up with things that go on around the farm that we may miss. The automatic recording features are great.

Internet access is critical on our farm for both traditional farming information and for problem solving of animals, land maintenance, or building projects.... Even for new ideas of recycling and efficient use of farm resources.

No, this is not our parents style of small farming when a garden was a necessity to put enough food on the table, the party line phone was the only means of calling for help or posting the latest news, and neighbors and friends were your main sources when doing a "search" for the latest animal husbandry and care information.

It is farming by choice; not a chore and tedius, but, exciting and full of great experiences and adventure. We hope to share our sense of excitement and enjoyment of farming with you on these pages.

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New Goals and New Look!

New Fence, New Animals!

Oh Dang Farm on Tractor Cab DoorMajor changes took place on the farm in 2014. We doubled the spread to 80 acres total and fenced in twenty of them for 19 Lowline Angus Cows.
Read more about Lowline Angus here: 

American Lowline Registry

Plans for 2015 are to fence a second pasture on another area of reclaimed strip mined land that now has good grass growth.
Lowline Angus CalfRaising our own beef is  exciting. As usual we are making some mistakes, but, learning from them.

We made a difficult decision to sell our flock of Babydoll Sheep.  Having  enjoyed raising sheep since FFA projects in the late 90's, it will be a big change.  We met many wonderful shepherds from many states over the years and will miss that. 

Meanwhile, with emptied pens available, we will give the Pygmy Goat herd more room to grow.
You can see some of our "kids" on video:
Oh Dang Farm Kidding Around #2 and Oh Dang Farm Kidding Around #1
A "Kidding Around #3" may be in the works for an early summer "release".

This month we have again turned our attention to plant the raised bed garden and enjoy watching the green growth while trying to keep it organic.

Also, two beehives have been ordered in hopes of having our own garden pollinators and possibly some honey in the next couple of years.

So much to do!
Have a great 2015 and thanks for visiting!
cy Apr '15

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